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Wednesdays @ 6 PM

We are a Spirit-led community building bridges to people across the street and around the world so we can know God and follow Jesus together.

Engage Night | Wednesdays @ 6 PM

May 15 - July 10

We need spiritual formation and personal transformation, not just more information, to be the followers of Jesus we are called to be. We believe this formation and transformation happens best as we commit to practices that encourage us to consistently engage with God in His word, engage with others in relationships, and engage with the world on mission. The goal of our Engage Nights is to help us do this together.

On Wednesday, May 15, we begin our next Engage session. We will meet at Grace for a small group study designed to teach us about worldviews, why they're important, and how to thoughtfully examine the reliability of common worldviews. 

No homework is required. Anyone is welcome to join at any time.

Engage Night Schedule

  • May 15 - Biblical Word Pictures (Pastor Paul Lindblad)
  • May 22 - Why Worldview Matters & What Is a Worldview?
  • May 29 - Worldviews In Conflict
  • June 5 - Annual Members Meeting & Worship Night
  • June 12 - Understanding the Christian Worldview
  • June 19 - How To Test a Worldview
  • June 26 - Engaging Everyday Worldviews
  • July 3 - How to Build a Christian Worldview
  • July 10 - What Good Is Christianity?

Welcome to Explore Worldview

What Is a Worldview?

Most people are completely unaware they have developed a set of core beliefs that colors the way they see the world and directs the way they live their lives. We call this set of core beliefs "a worldview". Everyone has a worldview, but not everyone realizes it. What's more, not all worldviews are created equal. Some are irrational, some may sound good but not live up to the hype. But only one is true. 

Learn to Evaluate a Worldview

In Explore Worldview, you will learn the eight big questions that every worldview needs to answer, and how to evaluate the validity of a worldview based off of its answers. We will help you develop a filter to use to test any worldview.

Develop a Strong Christian Worldview

In these eight sessions, you will deepen your understanding of the Christian worldview and learn how to develop a strong foundation of faith in Christ - a foundation that lasts.

Help Others Follow Jesus

You will learn how to have spiritual conversations with your friends in a way that is engaging and hopeful by learning how to ask helpful questions, rely on the Holy Spirit's guidance, and to speak in an approachable manner.

Be Confident In Your Worldview

Walk with author and teacher, Jonathan Morrow, through eight engaging sessions and you will deepen your understanding of the Christian worldview. You will come away more comfortable, more confident, and more effective in discussing the things that really matter with the people you meet everyday.

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